NOVA “Soli Contro il Mondo”

“Soli Contro il Mondo”
(Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fondamentum)

Battle Helm Rating

This is an old one, having been released already back in December 2017 but since I missed out on it back then and also because it is too good to be forgotten I am doing this review now. At first I thought that this was gonna be some sort of medieval folk music kinda thing but it quickly turned into a black metal band. But they do have that medieval feel to their black metal. Kinda like had In Extremo, or any band of that sort, had gone black metal. I gotta say that no matter how strange it may sound on paper (screen?) it does actually work. This is basically folkish black metal with a really cool groove and lotsa cool influences. Anders Ekdahl

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