Novelists – “Souvenirs”


Novelists – “Souvenirs” (Nuclear Blast Records)

Progressive metalcore from Paris! Having that quintessential French ‘je ne sais quoi’ comes this eclectic band who suavely mix some long established styles into a very interesting album indeed, both in terms of their slick soundscapes but moreover their broad appeal. Although possessing a metalcore base in Matt Gelsomino’s hoarse vocals, he’s equally happy rapping it out street style when in unison with the chopping, driving rhythm of Nicolas Delestrade’s bass and Amael Durand’s hard hitting drums. But throw in the dual guitars of Florestan Durand and Charly Kelevra and whoa, you’ve got something else from deep, bending djent riffs to mind blowing futuristic melodies and some beautiful soloing exuding grace as if from the heavens themselves! Topped off by some eyebrow raising boy band pop harmonies and “Souvenirs” is what you get – 12 highly catchy tracks with an irresistible beat and embracing passion written all over tracks like the chopping ‘Earth Graver’, ‘Ouroboros’ (hiya Gojira!) and the more ambient femme voxed ‘512 AM’ ably combining hard hitting heaviness with flowing technicality, so they should appeal big time to fans of bands like Periphery. With their name taken from a song from their prior band, Novelists bring a fresh, distinct French feel that keeps their music warmly interesting just like their very own city of lights and on the strength of this debut they might even be giving Katy Perry a run in the charts soon!

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