NUBIAN ROSE “Mountain”

(Funklord Dynasty)
I guess you’ve already read the interview I did with this band. Now you want to know what they sound like too. Alright, here it comes. But first of all I gotta say that although I’m native to Sweden I’m still impressed by how many bands that still pop up all over the place and how good most of them are. Keep in mind that we are only nine million people here. And good this is in that 80s hardrock kind of way that I love. Whenever I watch Top Gun I enjoy the sioundtrack almost as much as the movie. Nubian Rose makes me think back to that time and place when I hear “Mountain”. This is what I want to hear when I listen to hardrock. This is music that makes me happy. This is music that seems timeless. So no matter if you like Bon Jovi, Journey, Golden Earring or feel that The Poodles are you this will be to your liking to. Anders Ekdahl

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