“Ruins Of Reality”
(Skinforge Records)
I totally missed out on NUCLEAR SALVATION’s debut album, which I guess most people did. But now they are back with a new album and this time I’m onboard. If this is anything but thrash metal I’ll eat my own hat, without salt’n’vinegar. I like my thrash on the more abrasive side of things. And that is just what NUCLEAR SALVATION are. This is full on thrash blast. Think latter day Kreator and you might get an idea where to start looking. Add to it a ton of aggression and you are even closer to getting what this is sounds like. This is the stuff that I find my head start banging to. I really like to be shaken up, thrown about and generally tossed like a squash ball when I listen to thrash. Just like I’m being while listening to this. Anders Ekdahl

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