nullDB – “Endzeit”

nullDB – “Endzeit” (AFM Records)

Neue Deutsche Härte is an affectionate term coined by the German press to describe the crossover style of industrial, metal and techno as well as distinct German vocals popularized by Rammstein. Formed 4 years ago, nullDB deffo fit into NDH especially with those baritone Germanic vocals that feature prominently in the mix. Thereafter it becomes more perplexing as nullDB seem to draw inspiration from US acts such as System Of A Down what with the middle eastern groove on ‘Tyrannei’, funky chopping rhythms on ‘Flucht’ and nu metal rap sampled ‘Buchse Der Pandora’. As such “Endzeit” (trans: end time) is anything that the title suggests as nullDB seem to be aiming for two markets with their heavy use of suave American melodies while also keeping their feet very much in their home Deutsche market?

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