Null’O’Zero – “Instructions To Dominate”

Null’O’Zero – “Instructions To Dominate” (ROAR ! Rock Of Angels Records) 

Battle Helm Rating

Despite their strange name, this debut is nothing short of excellent. Formed in Greece in 2012, Null’O’Zero play a mixture of modern metal and in its more aggressive moments thrash, but throughout I have to commend the very classy performances and the material which is resplendent with plenty of epic passion throughout – despite the macabre album cover! Taking elements of Dio, Metallica and Symphony X, this 5 piece have risen steadily from winning battle of the bands contests in the underground to mini tours of their homeland, opening for Accept and playing at Athens Wreck Fest 2015. Now comes their debut and boy, is it a winner in every sense across the 10 tracks reeking of neo classical virtuosity, balls deep heaviness and heart stirring passion – heavy melody here we go! From the rocking ‘My Last Disguise’ the thick riffs backed by heavy drumming allow Geo Sinner’s vocals to reach well into your soul before a massively catchy chorus hits home to possess you. The twin guitars of Ilias Andritsos and Aggelos Kokkorogiannis are nothing short of being blessed by the gods themselves in every sense, whether rocking or raging and in between powering out heavenly solos and even acoustic majesty – truly excellent work! On ‘Decline The Legacy’ the crunching and squealing axe work once again sets the perfect platform for Sinner’s soaring and epic vocals that deliver power melodies time and again that just leave you in bliss, while on ‘Better Off Dead’ drummer Lefteris Moros gets to show his aggression and precision on this heavy beast of a song as Sinner matches his name to even more soul. Excellent songs, tight performances and heaps of heavy metal passion – what more could you ask for – you have been dominated!

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