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Battle Helm Rating

I have been aware of the name NUNSLAUGHTER for a very long time now. And with a discography as long as my arm that dates back to 1987 it is a feat not to have heard a single track with them. But that is about to change with this split with HATEVOMIT. There are only 4 tracks on this split and with a playing time of just over 11 minutes it is not much music we get for the buck. HATEVÖMIT starts the affair with a really heavy death metal track. They pick up the pace with their second track but it is still heavy. I cannot say that these two tracks convinced me to go out and look for their discography. The two NUNSLAUGHTER tracks are short and to the point with more of a deathrash vibe. This on the other hand appealed to me. I can see why people like this band. I will not start tracking down everything that they have released because my wallet isn’t that big but I am going to track down the latest record by them. Anders Ekdahl

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