Nux Vomica – “Nux Vomica”


Nux Vomica – “Nux Vomica” (Relapse Records)

With their roots in Baltimore’s d-beat punk scene back in 2003 and formed from the ashes of the doom / crust Wake Up On Fire, Nux Vomica (which coincidentally is the name of the strychnine tree) were made up of Chris Control, Tim Messing, and Just Dave. Relocating to Portland in 2006, the band adopted a more – dare I say it – art element to their crust punk incorporating post hardcore, black and melodic metal into their already fused style. Clearly too much for some, who liked their earlier more straightforward sound, Nux Vomica may have moved on but I feel their music is no less extreme than it was before, if anything more so by pushing the boundaries of extreme music to a new audience. There are only 3 tracks on this self titled album, Nux Vomica’s first full-length album in over 5 years, but with the likes of ‘Sanity is for the Passive’, ‘Reeling’ and ‘Choked at the Roots’ each clocking in between 11 and 20 minutes long be prepared for an unprecedented noise epic the likes of which you’ve never heard as Dave’s screamo vox melds with blitzkrieg riffing and tribal drumming during intensity while during its atmospheric moments incorporates some of the wildest and most psyched out melodies you’ve ever heard, inducing an almost trance like state before more aural pummelling takes place! Their lyrics may be as bleak as their beat, but Nux Vomica’s inspirational music is some of the most cutting edge at the moment on this planet.

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