NYDVIND “Tetramental I – Seas Of Oblivion”

“Tetramental I – Seas Of Oblivion”

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I have no idea what a NYDVIND is. Other than a French band. But I don’t really care. All that matters is if it is any good. And good it is. There is an epic feel to this that I like. In a way it is like a mix of Bathory and Amon Amarth. Two bands that are big in my home. It is not often that I get two of my fave bands to meet up like this in my head. But now that it has happened I am pleased. This is a massive album. If you like your death/black metal on the epic side you should give this album a chance. All 65 minutes of it. And when you’ve reached the end of it, play it again. It is that good that it can be played repeatedly. Anders Ekdahl

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