NYT LIV “Ensomhedens kolde kald”

“Ensomhedens kolde kald”

Battle Helm Rating

Back in the day the Danish punk and hardcore scene where the place to look for really cool bands. But as with much of the Danish hardcore and metal scene it kinda all fell apart and the cool bands stopped being. But there seem to be a change happening now in the Danish extreme music scene. No more hygge. No, they are tired of being left behind while the rest of the Nordic countries invade the world with cool bands. NYT LIV is a hardcore band that sounds like a hardcore band. Angry vocals and a drive in the music that makes you want to pogo in your living room. I don’t get to hear too many hardcore bands, which is a shame as I really would like to. Especially when it is cool stuff like this. A real keeper. Anders Ekdahl

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