Obituary – “Obituary”

Obituary – “Obituary” (Relapse Records)

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One of the legends of death metal, it’s clear that Florida’s Obituary are keen to make up for lost ground – and have been since their glorious return in 2005. With things really taking off for the band following their signing to Relapse aptly reflected in the title of 2014’s “Inked In Blood” album, this self titled release is their 10th album. Don’t be holding out for anything special or any change: Obituary know what they do best and what their fans crave – old school Florida death metal with that classic groove – yeah! As if in confirmation then the plain and simple cover with the band’s logo on a black background sez it all – although look closer and you’ll see the detail, artistic etching and general upscale design and that’s what Obituary these days is all about, less Jack n Jill but certainly more bred to kill! John Tardy’s growling mixed with his sickly spewed out vocals remain as they were in the late 80s, defining the band’s signature sound propelled by the vicious, scything guitars of Trevor Peres and now Kenny Andrews, who for his part injects whatever melody he can into the grimness that is ‘Ten Thousand Ways To Die’. The groove envelope gets pushed out a little farther with a hint of rock n roll on ‘Lesson In Violence’ but for the most part its the unbridled savagery that I love like on the fierce opener of ‘Brave’ where drummer Donald Tardy could leave a herd of stampeding wildebeests in the dust while veteran ex Death bassist Terry Butler sounds like he’s chucking barrel bombs on the chugging furor of ‘Kneel Before Me’. Along with plenty of wailing tortured tremolo solos coming out’ve the meaty groove the 10 tracks here actually leave you so dazed and confused you wonder how so much pain and aggression could be so perversely blissful heh heh! Fast, slow or mid tempo, Obituary leave them all standing with their strongest line up to date and an anniversary release that fires on all cylinders.

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