OBLIVIOUS ”När isarna sjunger”

”När isarna sjunger”

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I am old enough to remember the 70s. The 1970s, not the 1870s. To us Swedes it is strange to hear bands sing in Swedish, especially when it comes to rock of the harder kind. Tradition says that it has to be in English. Unless it is punk/hardcore. Then Swedish works just fine. But like I said, I do remember the bands of the 70s that did sing in Swedish. So when I started to play this album by OBLIVIOUS it was a blast back to that past. I have no idea why they’ve chosen to sing in Swedish but it does work with the music. This is groovy hardrock that has that 70s vibe to it. I am a really big fan of this whole retro blues rock/hardrock thing that is sweeping the world right now. You cannot get enough of cool music. And this album by OBLIVIOUS is a really cool addition to music world. Anders Ekdahl

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