OBSCENE “Sermon To The Snake”

“Sermon To The Snake”
(Blood Harvest)

Battle Helm Rating

I don’t know but for some reason I expected this to be much more old school than it actually is. That it would be more in the retro death metal vein. Not that it is modern. This is still old school but perhaps more in the Asphyx style than in an Entombed/Grave kinda way. But since I do like the more doomy side of Asphyx’s death metal too this is a really cool release. The line-up is made up of people that has a massive collective CV. Not that stuff like that makes any difference in my book. All that really matters is the final outcome. You cannot polish a turd to be anything but a turd and this is no turd. This is the stuff that death metal used to be. The stuff that is pure and unrefined. The stuff you tap on bottles and sell as elixir. Anders Ekdahl

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