Obscene – “Sermon To The Snake”

Obscene – “Sermon To The Snake” EP (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

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Obscene are the latest US black / death metal super group formed by veterans of the underground in tribute to early styles pioneered by the likes of Death Immolation, Autopsy and Asphyx – to name but a few! Featuring Brandon Howe (Acheron – drums), Kyle Shaw (Tunguska – vocals), Mike Morgan (Christ Beheaded – guitar), Josh Kappel (Summon The Destroyer – guitar) and Roy Hayes (Kvlthammer – bass), the band sorta formed under another guise of Blood Chasm, soon changing its name to Obscene. Influenced by a recent Giallo film called ‘The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears’, there is a recurring theme throughout this 4 tracker of mortality and moreover, how much time we all have left and the music herein certainly reflects it. At times almost heading into funeral doom tones like on opener ‘Body Of Tears’ the emphasis of the band is definitely in the quality of the monster evil twisting riffs and catchiness of the songs, together ensuring memorability in the true spirit of the greats. Shaw’s vocals are somewhat distinct, if anything akin to black metal shrieks rather than trademark cookie monster, but certainly fitting in with the band’s name of Obscene on ‘Shadow Burial’ heh heh. The twin guitars of Kappel and Morgan chug and roar in the style of Bolt Thrower when not reeking out the evil stench of Morbid Angel and undergoing diddly dee fretboard insanity a la Rick Rozz on ‘Torture Tranquility’. Things speed up a little on the final track ‘Blood Moon Rats’ with some colorful drum work from Howe and an intelligent use of quieter passages in between the death n grind, which is certainly plentiful across this impressive EP. 

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