OBSCENE “The Inhabitable Dark”

“The Inhabitable Dark”
(Blood Harvest Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I know I have written this before but whenever something from Blood Harvest comes my way I just sit back and enjoy it. They have so great taste in metal that I don’t have to worry about anything. So all I have to decide is what grade to give this. Or is it? Have I told you that I totally love bands like Incantation and Father Befouled? Bands that play a really dirty kind of death metal. There is something special to this kind of death metal that appeals to me in a major way. Now I can add OBSCENE to that list. This is chaotic as fuck and dirtier that the blackest of blackest coal mines. The vocals might be a bit too hardcore-ish, but then again they do follow in the good old Obituary tradition. This totally rocks my socks. Anders Ekdahl

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