OBSCENITY “Atrophied In anguish

“Atrophied In Anguish”
(Apostasy Records)
Obscenity seems to have been going forever. Somewhere in my conscious dwells a memory of having read or heard about them. I do not have any memories of ever hearing them on record. But then again I could be wrong and they’ve been so bad that I’ve totally blocked them out. And while I doubt that they are the latter I will go with the memory of not having heard any death metal coming their way. It is hard to believe that this is the sound of a 23-year old band. They sound as vital today as most of their competition. This is death metal in the more brutal school. Straight in-your-face-no-prisoners death metal that should be played with all windows open to scare of all intruding neighbours. This is death metal of the kind you scare small children and old ladies with. You could scare a Christian straight if you tortured them with this. All in all this is simply great death metal. Anders Ekdahl

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