OBSEQUIAE “Suspended In the Brume Of Eos”

“Suspended In the Brume Of Eos”
Judging by the history of what Bindrune has released prior to this album by Obsequiae I will be in for a blind journey that could take me wherever my mood allows me. And I am game for it. I will allow Obsequiae to take me on a journey with no destination with the promise of it being a wild ride. And in the company of Obsequiae I’m taken back to the 1300s. Listening to “Suspended In The Brume Of Eos” is like sitting in my own medieval castle looking out at the beautiful landscape beneath. It’s a ride up and down the hills surrounding my humble home. It’s a humbling journey to a time less imbued with this or that, the dos and don’ts. Does it sound pretentious? Well, it is pretentious but that is what is so great about this record. It doesn’t care if you get offended by its pretentiousness. It just moves along like it has no cares in the World. If you like your metal atmospheric and melodic and don’t mind cold, harsh vocals then this might just be what you’re looking for. Anders Ekdahl

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