OCEAN MIND “2 Ready 2 Rock”

“2 Ready 2 Rock”
(The Leaders Records)
I have no greater knowledge of the Greek hardrock/metal scene outside of the extreme metal variant. I do have a desire to get to know more about it which leads me to Ocean Mind. A band that allegedly is more akin to the stoner rock inclination. I can take that. I like stoner rock. If there ever was a place in Europe that cold match the laziness of the Californian desert then it is Greece. What I like about Ocean Mind is that they remind me of so many great bands yet still maintain a degree of individuality. That Black Sabbath are the house gods for all stoner rock is evident in Ocean Mind’s sound. Listen really hard and you can conjure up images of Ozzy and the gang along with a host of 70s hardrock bands. To my ears this is some pretty cool stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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