OCTOBER TIDE “Tunnel Of No Light”

”Tunnel Of No Light”
OK, this is a band that I’ve been aware of since day one but haven’t checked out for various reasons. But as we’ve entered 2013 and almost gotten to half time I see no reason why not to do so now. That there are ties to both Opeth and Katatonia might give me some idea of where this band operates but as I haven’t heard a single note by them I have no real idea what to expect. I love melancholic music. The sadder the better. A fave for a long time has been The Cure. Another one is My Dying Bride. No I’m not going to compare OCTOBER TIDE to a cross of The Cure and My Dying Bride. But they do operate in the same arena as My Dying Bride when it comes to heaviness and sadness: melancholy. Having heard this I have no idea why I haven’t checked them out before. This is the metal that I love so much. Anders Ekdahl

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