ODCULT ”Into The Earth”

”Into The Earth”
(Mighty Music)

Battle Helm Rating

I must say that this is a new name to me even though they apparently released a debut album back in 2014. I cannot even find anything about them on Metal Archives. And if they are not on that site they basically don’t exist. Or something like that. Not that it really matters. You cannot comment on something you don’t know of. And since I very much live in the present I don’t really care too much about the past. Although the past is very present in the sound of this band. With a distinct 70s groove they mix it all up with influences from all the decades really. There is the groove from the 70s. The melodies from the 80s and the stoner feel from the 90s. Why I haven’t heard of them before is a bit of a mystery because if the first album was anywhere close to being as good as this then I have missed out on something really cool. Glad that I did catch this one though. Anders Ekdahl

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