ODEM “Rape Your God And Pray For Reprieve”

“Rape Your God And Pray For Reprieve”
(Daemon Worship)
I like the aesthetic of primitive black metal. Just guitar, bass and drums repeating a small amount of chords over and over again. The repetitiveness of using the same chords over and over again presents a challenge in making it interesting. Odem are just that primitive and repetitive the way I like. This is black metal in its most primitive form. You will not find anything fancy here. Odem let the music to all the talking. And talk it does. Listening to “Rape Your God…” is like being beaten by a hockey stick over the head repeatedly. The difference being that the hockey stick hurts you badly while the beating with “Rape Your God…” only brings you a pleasant feeling. And interesting this is too in a way that makes me want to turn off all lights and just sit in darkness all alone contemplating the bleakness of the World. Anders Ekdahl

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