Odessa – “Carry The Weight”

Odessa – “Carry The Weight” (Ghost Music)

Brummie bruisers, Odessa have been kicking it around Europe for the last 2 years with their brand of aggro-core! Rich Lardner has one of these guttural growls that could give a boar the shits and the heavy, stop-start chugging riffs are nothing short of neck shattering on songs like ‘All I Have’, ‘Divide And Conquer’ and ‘Blind’. Even more so are the rhythms, especially the double bass drum arrangement that reminded me a lot Machine Head, and little wonder given they worked with messrs Bond & Ford who did exactly that with Robb Flynn’s crew! However, what really impresses about Odessa is also their pensive use of melody both in guitar passages as well as in emo harmonies which add a brief respite before the next onslaught of aggression – an excellent use of contrast if I might say so! With some electro tinges and samples completing the mix, it’s easy to see why Odessa have such a pull across the European Union nations given both their wide appeal but moreover they’re ability to hold their own against other metal, hardcore and even heavy thrash bands.

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