ODIUM ”Burning The Bridges To Nowhere”

”Burning The Bridges To Nowhere”
(Year Of The Sun)
There are a number of bands that have or still uses the moniker of Odium. From Portuguese black metal to Canadian melodic metal to German death/thrash to how knows what. Don’t get them confused unless your taste is wide enough. This Odium is the Canadian one. I kinda hoped that this would be a blast of fresh air much needed. Don’t know how melodic this is though as all I can hear is a heavy beat that drives the music forward. The melodic side could be in the vocals but that doesn’t last too long each time. Not that it matters. This might not have been what I expected but nonetheless this turned out to be a great relief and a break away from the mundane everyday mediocrity. This is a far cry from the whole metalcore debacle. This is much more along the lines of death metal crossed with melodeath. Perhaps not the freshest breaths of air I’ve heard this year but good enough to cleanse my ears for a short while. Anders Ekdahl

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