ODIUM “Beautiful Violence”

“Beautiful Violence”
(Noisehead Records)
Whenever I hear a new thrash metal album I’m taken back to the 80s and the feeling I got the first time I heard Anthrax or Metallica. That original feeling will never come back but I still to this day get excited when I hear a new thrash metal album. It is no different with Odium’s new album. This excites me in the same way I got excited when I heard albums by the likes of Holy Terror, Agony or Defiance of any other second wave thrash metal album. This isn’t as emo heavy as The Haunted or as testosterone aggressive as Facedown and it has nothing to do with the more melodic side of the thrash metal stick. Yet it is all of the above mixed together to a concoction that works very well. This is thrash metal the way thrash metal should sound like. You get all the necessary ingredients. What more could you ask for? Anders Ekdahl

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