ODYSSEY DESERADO ”Don’t Miss The Sunset”

”Don’t Miss The Sunset”
(Lions Pride Music)

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Back in the 80s I wasn’t much for melodic hardrock. I was all extreme metal. But it was not like I was oblivious to the hair bands out there or where I came from to start with. The melodic stuff was there, deep inside of me. And as I grew older I started to appreciate the more melodic side of things again. ODYSSEY DESPERADO is a melodic metal/hardrock band/project from the mind of Odysseas Karapolitis who in 2014 had a vision that now has seen the light of day. This is full of really cool melodies dressed in a really cool musical costume. I could name so many different bands that this reminds me of, but I won’t. All I will say is that if you like your metal/hardrock sing-a-long-y you will like this. I know that this strikes the right melodic strings in me and hopefully it will strike them too in you. Anders Ekdahl

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