OF MISERY “Black Noose”

“Black Noose”

Battle Helm Rating

I now understand what it was that I heard when I saw Danish Ghost Iris at Helltown Indoors. To me they just sounded like a wall of noise but hearing this EP from Australian OF MISERY I now understand the Danish band better. Not saying that I like them more because of that. OF MISERY are a heavy bunch. This is not happy metal. This is deathcore. And they got a bone to pick with the whole world it seems. If you like your music dystopian this is for you. if you like movies like Sin City of The Crow this is for you. This makes Blade Runner seem like a happy-go-lucky movie. I have always not liked Pantera because I think that they are heavy for being heavy, but this is ten thousand times worse. But in all its heaviness I find myself liking this. Anders Ekdahl

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