OF WOLVES ”Balance”

(Trepanation Recordings)

Battle Helm Rating

This is my first encounter with OF WOLVES. So I have no real idea what to expect from this. With so many different sub-genres out there today it can at times be very hard to place a band in a proper compartment. I feel that way when I listen to this. I get a hardcore feeling. I get a sludge feeling. I get a metal feeling. All these feelings make my head spin. What I do have a grip on is what I feel about it. I find myself liking what I hear. There is a vibe to this that makes me take notice of what I hear. I don’t want to miss out on the nuances of it all. There is a feeling of despair and desperation over this. Almost a claustrophobic aura. If I were to pin point a specific genre I would say doom. Just based on all the feelings that come up when I listen to this. This one turned out to be a really special one. I cannot remember the last time I heard an album as chaotic yet controlled as this one. This is like nothing I have heard this year. And that is a positive. Anders Ekdahl

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