OFERMOD “Pentagrammanon”

(Shadow Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I usually don’t care too much about the persons behind a band, unless they are really nasty people. To me the music is the most important thing. There are rumours circulating, and have so for years about OFERMOD’s main person. I don’t know him and cannot comment on those rumours. All I know is the music and that is enough for me. Ever since I first heard about OFERMOD I have been fascinated with the black metal that is created. So much that I have become a somewhat collector of stuff. Originally recorded in 2005 but never released this sees the light of day, or dark of the night now. And I for one am glad that I does. Because this is pure beauty in ugliness. This is pure, filthy black metal that does not feel at home in sunlight. Music to be listened to in darkness and with only the flickering lights of black candles as light source. Anders Ekdahl

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