OFFENDING “Age Of Perversion”

“Age Of Perversion”
I remember the first time I heard extreme metal from France. It was on a compilation record. I don’t remember how I got to hear about it but it pretty much opened up a new world to me. The French bands weren’t at all like the bands I had heard previous. I had had some experience with French heavy metal but this was a whole new world. I have ever since that day had a special relationship to the French metal scene. Offending are French and with that of interest to me. I don’t know if the French are indoctrinated with being special from birth but they sure know how to twist and turn and make what in other people’s hands turn out average special. Offending’s death metal isn’t death metal the way we are used to it. No, that would have been too easy. This twist and turn like there’s no tomorrow. And yet it is so accessible that you’ll find yourself headbanging to it. Anders Ekdahl

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