Officium Triste – “Mors Viri”

Officium Triste – “Mors Viri” (Hammerheart Records)

‘…when melancholy and sadness drown your soul there is no salvation…’ – indeed, truer words could not have been uttered by Holland’s veteran funeral doom band: Officium Triste. Hailing from Rotterdam – or Rotterdoom – these guys are heavily inspired by 90s British bands like My Dying Bride and Katatonia, whose depressing tones were the very inspiration for lost souls seeking a release from this world! Dark, rasping vocals and doom laden rhythms set the ominous tone before powerful heart wrenching guitar melodies and sad keyboard atmospherics provide emotional destruction thru soul destroying songs like ‘Your Fall From Grace’, ‘The Wounded And The Dying’ and ‘To The Gallows’. There is the occasional uplifting passage but that is a mere palpitation in the overall melancholy of these fine songs purveyed by this cult Dutch band, who after nearly 2 decades more than deserve greater recognition in international circles.

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