OGEN ” Black Metal Unbound”

“Black Metal Unbound “
Ogen as a name doesn’t say too much. It could be either a bird or a fish. This one could go any which way had it not been for the title of the album that pretty much gives it all away. Unless it is meant ironically, which I don’t think it is. So what we have is another black metal album by a band that is pretty obscure in all its dealings. Will this blow me away in total awe or just leave me yawning? Time will tell. For some strange reason I got a Satyricon vibe from this album. Don’t know why seeing as Satyricon is more rock’n’roll in approach compared to this. This is black metal more on the atmospheric side of things. Instead of a full attack you get an album that is more based on nuances. Listen to it intensely and it is like being taken on a trip up the hills in the Alps or the Norwegian Fjells. This could easily be the music you listen to on headphones as you got walkabout in the wintry landscapes of any given mountains. Anders Ekdahl

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