Ogen – “Black Metal Unbound”

Ogen – “Black Metal Unbound” EP (Kolony Records)

On the face of it, Ogen, derived from the ancient word for Ocean are a contemporary Nordic black metal band influenced by Emperor’s clanging metallic spirals and harsh, screeching vocals. However, they are in fact Italian – or perhaps I should say ‘he’ as Ogen is a one man project created by a multi instrumentalist known as ‘Hartagga’. However, while being inspired by Norway’s scene and especially those bands like Enslaved who have incorporated other progressive features, ‘Hartagga’ also features Maidenesque melodies, slower atmospherics and even folk like harmonies on songs like ‘Shattered Earth Volcano’, ‘Black Tusk Retaliation’ and ‘As A Leaden Sun Shineth Upon’ that owe more to legends and tales rather than Satan’s hoof poundings. All in all a musically ambitious and conceptually creative opus warranting more attention and recognition!

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