Ohrenfeindt – “Auf Die Fresse Ist Umsonst”

Ohrenfeindt – “Auf Die Fresse Ist Umsonst” (AFM Records)

lol – roughly translated as “in your face free of charge”, this is the 5th album from this rough n ready St Pauli crew blitzing Hamburg’s (red) lights, sleaze n booze with their equally apt style of hard bar room rock. Needless to say, Bon Scott era AC/DC and Rose Tattoo are the main drivers here from the alcohol shredded vocals of According to Chris (yep, that’s his handle) to the dirty blues riffs n slide along with swanky solos made to make a stripper blush. Despite singing in German songs like ‘Rock’n’Roll Sexgöttin’ and ‘Durch die Nacht’ capture the essence of hard living with one foot in the gutter as vividly as the lurid neon of St Pauli’s strip clubs and street hookers. Still, the essence of life flickering back the morning after is equally well portrayed in the quiet acoustic instrumental of the optimistic, uplifting ‘Egal’. Gotta admit, I’d never of these guys before, but this is a fine slice of rock n roll that comes only from the experience of actually living that life to the full – and Ohrenfeindt have to the max.

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