OKRÜTNIK ”Legion Antychrysta”

”Legion Antychrysta”
(Ossuary Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This one has all the right vibes to be old school. If you like me, remember the 80s when Poland was under the control of communism you might also remember the feeling of hearing Polish metal for the first time. Acts like Turbo, Kat, Imperator and Vader all made an impression to certain degrees. Some are still with me today. Others have fallen. Hearing this album from OKRÜTNIK is almost like being taken back to the 80s. What I like is that there is a new generation that still hold the old flame alive. This one mixes different styles. You get heavy metal, black metal, speed metal, thrash in a mix that is hard to resist. This one is cool, and not because it reminds me of times when metal was metal and genre didn’t matter too much but because this is my kind of metal; timeless. Anders Ekdahl

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