OKULAR “Sexforce”

Norwegian metal is not the joke it used to be. Who remembers TNT’s debut from way back when they sang in Norwegian. Much has happened since then and now Norwegian black metal is a phenomenon. Don’t know where OKULAR fits in all of this but I for one am looking forward to hearing this album. Borknagar’s main man might think that this is the death metal side to his band but I’m not so sure of that myself. I find OKULAR to be more along the line of a thrash band with some death touches. But that could just be my imagination. It could very well be the other way around. I do get an old kind of feeling though about the music. I could very well see this as being released in the late 80s. It has that kind of feel to it. This is in any which way timeless music that activates a sleeping side of my mind, the one with the dormant memories of the past. Anders Ekdahl

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