OLD FUNERAL “Our Condolences 1988-1992”

“Our Condolences 1988 – 1992”
(Soul Seller)
This one I remember from my fanzine reading days. I don’t think I was that impressed with them back in the 80s because I can’t recall ever writing them about ordering a demo. But I could be wrong. This might be just what I missed out on in the 80s/early 90s. That this was going to be anything but old and crude I had no illusion about seeing as old this is. You can hear that death metal had just about come to Norway when this was recorded. There is a thrash metal feeling lingering about the sound of OLD FUNERAL. Listening to this I get mixed feelings. I remember why I didn’t care too much about the band in the first place yet I can hear the progress the band made and enjoy the music for that reason. If you were there in the first place this collection serves as a great reminder. If you weren’t you gotta be hardcore into this stuff to enjoy it to its fullest. Seeing as I was there and that I like the raw sound of the South American bands this reminder of a Norway not so fully developed makes me feel like 18 again. Anders Ekdahl

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