Old Mother Hell – “Old Mother Hell”

Old Mother Hell – “Old Mother Hell” (Cruz Del Sur Music) 

Battle Helm Rating

All men play on ten and Old Mother Hell definitely live up to their name as this self titled debut is f–king loud!!! With heaps of Maiden influenced melody as well as drawing inspiration from the current generation of true metal bands like Atlantean Kodex, this German power trio play mountains of epic metal with strong warrior melancholy along the lines of early Manowar. Formed from the ashes of thrash band Hatchery, the style couldn’t be more distant in being far slower and with a steadfastly DIY approach to recording and a definite intention to sound as they do live. As such, don’t be expecting any keyboards or effects but instead a real focus on the quality of the riffs and emotional reach of the 6 tracks here, matched by Bernd Wener’s impassioned but still manly vocals. Well, it certainly works a treat, with a massive sound bringing forth the epic strength of tracks like the bombastic but beautiful ‘Kneel To No God’, the galloping but glorious ‘Narcotic Overthrow’ with its warrior woahing chorus and the 8 minute glory of ‘Old Mother Hell’ with its powering but passionate guitars, delicately plucked strings and tons of soulful vocals backed by more melodies building over the course before the searing heaviness brings in the darkness like a bloody axe coming down. This is really what epic metal should be about! Already the winner of ‘Demo Of The Month’ and ‘Self-Produced Album Of The Month’ in Rock Hard and Deaf Forever magazines, this signing to Italy’s Cruz Del Sur Music should give ’em the much deserved reach to a wider audience. 

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