OLD NIGHT ”Pale Cold Irrelevance”

”Pale Cold Irrelevance”
(Rain Without End Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a band that says absolutely nothing to me. I have no idea what to expect from them musically. But that is also part of the charm, not knowing what you will get. Kinda like opening presents on x-mas. I love doom metal. I have very little knowledge of the Croatian metal scene. So this is gonna be a really cool new experience. When this started to play I thought I had put on the wrong record because it wasn’t the doom that I had thought it would be. But the more I listened to it the more I got into it and by the end of the firs track I was hooked. This is somber and melancholic in a way that I don’t hear too often. But I love it. This speaks volumes to my melancholic side. Anders Ekdahl

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