OLD PAGAN ” Ogdrun Jarhar”

” Ogdrun Jarhar”
(Symbol Of Domination)

Battle Helm Rating

I seem to recollect the name OLD PAGAN from somewhere back in my mind. I might even have had the chance of hearing something from this band in the past but I can’t really be certain of it. But from the name alone I have a slight idea of what this is going to sound like. This is old school, 90s black metal like it was played back in the days. Music is timeless. The only limitation is your mind. If you liked this kind of black metal in the 90s there is no shame in liking it in 2016. I know that I like this kind of black metal just as much today as I did back in the days. I am glad that there are still band around that play it. This will not win any prices for in originality. But it will win some old schoolers hearts, like mine. Anders Ekdahl

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