(Hummus Records/Division Records)
It seems like I’ve opened some sort of Pandora’s box when I reviewed one instrumental album because now they seem to come at me every so often. And as I like a challenge I take them all on with great enthusiasm. I can’t say that I’ve paid too much attention to Sunn O))). There was a time when I digested that kind of music like it was water but then I stopped. I like drone, don’t get me wrong. I like the monotony of it, how a band can make a note last for so long. I like the trance like atmosphere that these bands seem to be able to create. ÖLTEN has that aura to them. This is instrumental yet it speaks volumes for this kind of post rock/metal. So if you like bands like Cult Of Luna or Neurosis then this will most likely be to your liking. I know that I like what I hear. Anders Ekdahl

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