This album might not be the freshest out there but in fair honesty, how many of you have heard of OMEGA REIGN? I thought so. I get an old school metal feel about this lot. Don’t know why but for some reason I picture bands like Oliver Magnum and Gammacide whenever I think of this album. So if my prediction is right this should be some sort of prog thrash band. But I’ve been known to get it wrong on more than one occasion. But in all earnest I wasn’t too far off on the prog side. So more Oliver Magnum than Gammacide then. Think the more grand side of Savatage and you get an idea how this album starts. And Savatage isn’t that bad of a reference. Throw in some Fates Warning too and you’ll get a pretty good idea what this might sound like. I was skeptical to begin with but I gotta admit that this one grew on me. This is well worth checking out. Anders Ekdahl

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