OMINOUS CRUCIFIX “The Spell of Damnation”

“The Spell of Damnation”
(FDA Rekotz)
This is some really heavy death metal. In my ears Ominous Crucifix sound like a mix of Asphyx and Six Feet Under. This is heavy and there’s a groove to their death metal that makes it interesting. Throw in some Bolt Thrower and you got the whole heavy, groove guard of death metal assembled. I don’t know what it is about death metal this heavy that is so appealing but whenever I hear an album like this I get excited and dragged along in the festivities. It’s like there is some primal part of me that just want to mosh like a madman. Dance around in my undies and behave like a wild man. This is music to be played really loud with no concern for the neighbours. Too bad for them if they don’t appreciate the heaviness. I don’t care for them, I just want to indulge in this primal behaviour. Anders Ekdahl

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