ON A BRIDGE OF DUST “Facing The Opposite”

“Facing The Opposite”
I did like some emo bands. I did not totally write it off as big pile of bollocks. When I saw this Italian band’s name I immediately thought of emo. It is with some great trepidation that I will take on this album just to figure out how metal this really is. I never really got into bands like Tool or System Of A Down or Deftones. I might have missed out on something great. That I will never know now. ON A BRIDGE OF DUST have that laidback approach that I found in the few Tool songs I’ve heard. A sadness that is hard to put your finger on. Listening to this I get a lonely-boy-in-the-corner-of-the-room feel to the music. This is not music to pick you up. If you are inclined to feel depressed at times you better stay away from this. Suicide black metal can go and fuck itself. This is depressing, in a good way. Anders Ekdahl

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