ON TOP ”Top Dollar”

”Top Dollar”

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I might be a bit late in discovering this new release from ON TOP but since I liked their earlier stuff and have interviewed them on more than one occasion I felt obliged to give this a spin and a review. ON TOP might at first glance seem ridden with clichés. And they are. But it is done tongue in cheek which makes them a whole lot more fun to listen to than for example Steel Panther. This is just a EP and that sucks big time as I want to hear as much as possible from this band. This band is for those of you that like your metal 80s tinged but with an edge. You can hear the influence from the past in the songs but you can also hear that there is a modern edge to this. This is not the most serious music you’ll ever hear but as entertainment it is pretty darn good. Anders Ekdahl

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