ONCE I SAW A GHOST “Architects Demise”

“Architects Demise”
ONCE I SAW A GHOST is another band with a band name that is very descriptive. I see that a lot in metalcore where you got band that has names that are longer that your arm. I gotta say that I like this whole long-band-name thing. At least you will remember the name once you got it memorized. ONCE I SAW A GHOST have a sound that to my ears is harder than most metalcore acts I’ve heard lately. Don’t even know if I’d place them in that category. There is a much more HC feel to this album than anything else. And I don’t mind at all. I can get a bit tedious with all the bands that adhere to the same formula of hard ass verses and clean and nice choruses. This has bit more bite. And that alone sets this album apart. If anything I’d call this deathcore. But that isn’t really fair on this album. Anders Ekdahl

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