ONE INCH GIANT “The Great White Beyond”

”The Great White Beyond”
(Soul Seller)
This one I’ve been looking forward to hearing ever since I got wind of the band. I got a feeling that this could very well end up being another high light of 2013. I get the feeling that this could be something really cool along the lines of Opeth and Katatonia. Don’t know about the Opeth and Katatonia references. This is more proggy, less melancholic than that. Sure, the guitars might rip but the overall feel is more of Porcupine Tree than it is Opeth. But I guess that if you like bands like Cult Of Luna or of that sort of you’ll find refuge in this one. This is very descriptive and captivating music. You can’t help being fascinated by the sounds that comes from it. I don’t know if it is because it speaks to some deeply hidden Swedish streak in me but I feel connected to this in a very strange way. Anders Ekdahl

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