ONE MINUTE SILENCE “Fragmented Armageddon”

“Fragmented Armageddon”
(Freeport Entertainment)
I gotta be honest. I wasn’t looking forward to reviewing this one. I might be biased but there is something about ONE MINUTE SILENCE that raises a warning in my mind. Don’t know how well grounded that feeling is but I guess I’m about to find out. I can’t seem to recall having been a great fan of this band when they were around the first time. Rap metal wasn’t really my cup of tea. Now that they return after a 10 year hiatus the scene doesn’t seem the same. And I gotta admit that this new EP is actually really cool. This doesn’t sound old and tired. Instead this is a contemporary as anything else released today. Sure, there is a slight Rage Against The machine vibe to it but that I can live with. Anders Ekdahl

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