ONSLAUGHT ”In Search Of Sanity”

”In Search Of Sanity”

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After having released two all out thrash metal albums British ONSLAUGHT were on that difficult third album. Out went the old vocalist and in came Steve Grimmett of Grim Reaper fame. When this album was originally released back in 1989 I wasn’t too impressed with it. Both “Power From Hell” and especially “The Force” had had such massive impact on me that I thought they’d have a hard time to top it. And I was right back then. “In Search Of Sanity” was a much more commercial thrash metal album to my 19 years old ears. But listening to this today makes me realize that this isn’t bad at all. Sure, it does remind me too much of Anthrax but the songs, oh boy they really rip. This is classic thrash the way I grew up with. There are times when you wonder why some albums are being rereleased but this is one that really deserves to be heard and remembered for what it is, a bloody good album. Anders Ekdahl

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