Onslaught- “Live At The Slaughterhouse”

Onslaught- “Live At The Slaughterhouse” CD/ 2DVD (AFM Records)

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‘…only the strong will survive!!!…’ – no kidding, it could well be the late 80s again, when Bristolian black speed torpedoes (as they were known back then) Onslaught were riding high atop a UK thrash scene then in full rabid flow! Originally a punk band, Onslaught soon caught the thrash bug and it wasn’t long before they were slashing their way thru to the top, releasing “The Force” in 1986 to much acclaim before their most commercially successful release “In Search Of Sanity”, delayed until 1989, which ironically also spelled the demise of the band in 1991. However, in 2005 founders Steve Grice (drums) and Nige Rockett reunited along with vocalist Sy Keeler and fresh. Despite losing Gricey again, the band have since released 3 albums, including 2013’s “VI”, possibly the band’s most brutal yet technical album to date. Imbued with a new confidence in their roots and what made them respected at least among fans like me, Onslaught have not sought commercial stardom again, but rather to draw on their years of experience to perfect their core sound in making it contemporary, while still true to the roots of UK thrash. “Live At The Slaughterhouse” is 13 songs off their recent ‘UK Thrash Assault’ tour that was filmed in London and hometown Bristol and is nothing short of blistering. I mean, most bands of these years would be easing off a little knoworrimean? Uh uh. Onslaught these days bring it on even harder n faster than when they were in their 20s – and probably better too with Sy Keeler’s voice even nastier complete with hoarse Araya-esque wails, while Rockett’s guitar work demonstrates both his technical prowess and superior brutality in those nasty neck breaking riffs. A big shout goes out to Mike Hourihan (ex Extreme Noise Terror) for turbo charging Onslaught’s demon engine with his relentless drum work on tracks like ‘Chaos Is King’, ‘Rest In Pieces’ and classic ‘Onslaught (Power From Hell)’. Completed by the obligatory documentary and vid bonus DVD package new fans will get to see what Onslaught are all about and as for the oldies, you’ll deffo remember chanting ‘…we are the chaos legions, we fight with an iron fist!!…’!

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