Operadyse – “Pandemonium”

(Sonic Attack / SPV)

I was wondering when the French would come out with a band to match Rhapsody Of Fire and Operadyse have answered in fine style! Although not quite as classical or operatic as the Italians, Operadyse also take a fair amount from Brazil’s Angra with their soft folk melodies and galloping speed. Still, there’s enough ‘film score’ (i.e. atmospheric keyboards, choirs) in their metal to have those preferring bombastic epics like ‘Keeper Of The Flame’ and ‘Celestial Sword’ heartily beating our chests! For a band with little history and experience this is a stupendous effort in terms of musicianship as well as the quality of the material. Formed in 2006, I believe there used to be a chick in the band – and it still sounds that way at times like on ‘Arkanya’ where there is a dual vocal enhancing this superb power ballad although Frank Garcia seems to be credited with the vocal duties wherever I look? Whatever the case, I praise the arrival of Operadyse, who through this excellent release are not just a credit to their hometown of Montpellier, but have what it takes to represent France in the international power metal league!

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